Sports Concentration

Sports Concentration


The Elite Sports Concentration Program at Olympia Performance is designed for student athletes dedicated to achieving an elite performance level. Blending a unique combination of athletic training, posturology, neurology, martial arts and empowerment training, this program will help students grow and achieve their full potential as both athletes and human beings.

The Program:

We believe in a balanced approach to training by including a variety of different styles, covering both body and mind. Our program is developed by our team of expert trainers, each contributing from their unique talents and expertise. The program covers the following:

Posturology / Neurology – Evaluation, assessment and training protocol
EMPWR – Sports psychology, mental training, meditation, empowerment
Strength & Conditioning – Olympic lifting, functional training, core strength
Speed & Agility – sprinting, footwork, balance, technique
Mobility & Flexibility – stretching, yoga, mobility work (foam and ball rolling)
Thai Boxing – basic technique, cross-training, empowerment

Administration & Trainers

Our team is composed of experts in a variety of fields, including: strength & conditioning, speed & agility, sport specific training, posturology, neurology, martial arts, empowerment and mental training.

Steve Hoather: Olympia founder and owner, Steve has been a lifelong fitness devotee. He has been training for 33 years, and has worked as a fitness professional for 24 years. From professionals to the budding amateur, he has trained athletes in a wide range of sports, including tennis, golf, football, hockey, soccer, and basketball. Steve competed in tennis and cycling, and is currently training for the best balance between strength and endurance.
Gabriel R. Lehoux
Gabriel R. Lehoux: Trained as both a Strength and Conditioning coach and Posturologist, Gabriel brings a wealth of knowledge to the program and is responsible for evaluating each student and ensuring that the program offers a well balanced approach to training.
Patrick Charron: With over 14 years experience in martial arts, functional training as well as mental empowerment training, Patrick’s holistic body-mind-spirit approach to training is an important part of this program. He understands the importance of balancing sports and life, and his EMPWR PERFORM program will help students achieve a new level of mental and physical performance.

For complete bios of our staff members, click here to see our complete staff page: Olympia Staff

Why join the Olympia Performance Sports Concentration program?

  • Increased athletic performance
  • Fun & motivation
  • Safe and professional environment
  • Best equipped gym in the West Island
  • A holistic approach to training (body & mind)
  • Progress reports and objective based training
  • Our complete range of services (posturology, sports psychology, sport specific training)

5 day sample schedule


12 month program

Please note that we will be offering a summer program in 2016, so our program will be available all year round. More details will be made available at that time.


Tuition for the Sports Concentration program is $350/month per person for full-time students. We also offer rates for students looking to attend on a part-time basis (if place is available). The first month of tuition is expected upon registration. Monthly tuition can then be paid with post-dated checks or by automatic credit card withdrawal every month.

Follow this link to see our complete list of Rules & Code of Conduct.

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